5 Ways to Boost Your Web Design Business with Webydo


By Caroline Reder


Sep 20, 2016


You know that feeling when you turn on a brand new iPhone for the first time? Endless possibilities, happiness and such. You start playing around, testing the limits and then customize to complement how you’ll be using the phone - setting a background, organizing applications, choosing that perfect ringtone… the list goes on.


What are you actually doing though? You are integrating this piece of machinery into your flow, into your life, to make it easier with everything you need all in one unified place.


Chances are, if you’ve adapted Webydo as a part of your design flow, you’ve experienced this feeling. You understand the advantages of an all in one web design solution. But, for those of you who are still unfamiliar, here are some of the ways that you can benefit by integrating Webydo into your web design workflow and get that oh-so-nice feeling of streamlining a major part of your professional life.


1. Design Websites Faster


Design websites faster with Webydo


Sometimes it’s hard to remember, why we ever did things the way we did. But, more often than not, those ways turn into best practices and pretty soon after, rock solid standards. And that’s not always the best thing, especially in creative fields. For instance, in this day and age, why should I be waiting (and paying) for a developer to take my design and turn it into - let’s face it, more likely than not - a strange, Twilight Zone version of my original, beautiful photoshopped design? 


Give me a tool I can design with visually, independent of a developer. Give it to me with a familiar interface. And throw in responsive design capabilities for good measure.


Webydo’s visual design editor is this all in one tool. And it’s fast. No longer will you need to spend time working on a static mockup which will be edited and reedited before heading over to the vortex that is the design-development loop. Moreover, if you are currently braving the world of CSS and HTML, just think about not having to worry about stylesheets or if your CSS syntax is correct. Or if what you're doing will at some point, after your next refresh or 100, will resemble a web page because it’s all just a bunch of text. 


You create a design, seeing it become a fully-functional website, send it to your client and then change or update anything in context, live. Switching between design, content and preview modes is literally a click of a button. The drag and drop interface is smooth and intuitive, especially coming from a Photoshop background. And, responsive design is as easy as activating breakpoints and adjusting accordingly.


2. Assume 100% Creative Control Over Your Design


Full creative control with Webydo


Absolute positing. Right-brainers and all. Enough said.


When you are in Photoshop and you are moving things around, you move them with pixel-perfect accuracy. That’s to say, the element you are moving is in the position that you expect it to be in, relative to the canvas. This is how Webydo operates. Each element you place onto the design canvas is where you want it, down to the last pixel.


Other web editors use relative positioning. While this is great for those with a background in code, as a designer, it will be quite hard to have to place something sort of where you want it and then adjust accordingly by, for example, adding left padding to move something right…


In Webydo, you have complete creative control over every aspect of your design.


3. Take Advantage of Advanced Business & Marketing Features


Weybdo’s business and marketing features


You’ve probably heard the phrase “by designers for designers” a lot, in a variety of contexts and most likely, from some of our competitors. Yes, Webydo is by designers for designers but digging a bit deeper, Webydo was created for more than simply crafting a good-looking, responsive website. It was created to complement and support the business aspect of our profession as well.


A built-in CMS, all inclusive hosting, client billing function and white label branding feature were all conceived to better help you boost your business and enable you to grow. On other platforms you often have to transfer ownership of a site completely to your client in order for them to make any changes. But how is that sustainable? You’ll collect a one-time payment and then that’s it? Alternately, other solutions are branded. Think about selling “custom web design” with a branded logo of a company that isn’t your own, front and center.


Additionally, there’s marketing. Today, SEO is part and parcel of web design. You will be hard-pressed to find a design agency that doesn’t offer some sort of serious marketing option or a freelance designer that doesn’t discuss with their clients copy that converts and the benefits of mobile-friendly design. Webydo’s advanced SEO capabilities enable you to create websites that convert.


Good for you. Good for your clients. And, most likely, good for referrals.


4. Work One-on-One with a Team of Unparalleled Customer Support


Webydo’s team of customer success


More than just submitting a ticket and waiting for a nameless response starting with “Dear Sir/Madame,” Webydo’s Customer Success team is actively involved in the advancement of your business, invested in your happiness and growth. From working with clients to create business models to in-depth marketing advice and even to tutorials for a new member of a company’s design team, Webydo’s team is a diverse, well-educated, on-call tool in your design arsenal.


A testimonial that a client posted on our Facebook wall not too long ago highlights their dedication:


“I just wanted to make a public post to say a massive thank you to Jennifer Wegner. As account managers go Jen has consistently gone above and beyond when I have needed help. As a single dad with two young kids the times I can actually talk about any tech issues tend to be late in the evening. But tonight after a small technical meltdown I sent Jennifer an urgent message. Not only did she get back to me straight away, Jen was not at work and actually was playing softball! I said it could wait but as always Jen was awesome and not only stayed on the phone. Stayed until my problem was solved. Without this my night would have been over. Jennifer thank you so much.”


So, if you are looking for more than a company, more than a product, Webydo will provide you with a personal liaison to guide you through every step of the way on becoming a successful designer.


5. Expand Your Business with A Platform Outfitted for Growth


Designer’s success with Webydo


Some of the biggest success stories with Webydo involve a freelancer, who started out small and grew into a full-service web design agency in the span of a year or two. 


Alex Walker of Geek Designs web agency is a prime example of this type of success story. He came in as a freelance web designer on the Pro Plan, creating a few websites a year. After just two years, he was a bonafide web agency owner with a 5-designer team working to create 70 websites a year. How was this possible? Alex cites the fast design process, robust offering of features (which means he is able to charge more per project) and his success manager who was able to help him scale his business model and train new employees. 


Part of this growth was also due to the expansion of Webydo’s features. Driven by users’ suggestions, new elements and add-ons are sourced from what our clients need and outfitted to help them design better, increasingly functional websites in a shorter amount of time. 


The Bottom Line


Webydo enables designers with a tool that will speed up the design process without sacrificing flexibility of design or creative control. Moreover, it’s a platform outfitted for business, both from the standpoint of features and from the professionals ready and waiting to guide you along the way.


If you are looking for a tool that will ease into your current workflow and help you optimize and streamline your web design process, then Webydo is for you. Request a live demo, today. 

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Caroline Reder. Full-time Content Manger at Webydo, communications professional and news junkie. Part-time surfer. Follow her on Twitter 

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