Craft Sites in Half the Time with Webydo’s New Set of Tools.

By Nir Barlev, Product Manager


Jan 20, 2016



Creating a new version is fun. Releasing a new set of tools billed to dramatically speed up designer's workflow is a little scary. We want them to work. We want people to like them. We want them to make your lives better, or at least help you get your work done a bit faster.


We’ve taken stock of our existing functionality, listened to user reviews, complaints, praise and feature requests. We’ve done research and made plans. We’ve run tests. We’ve run automatic and manual QA, more than once. Actually, over two dozen times - we do this for a living, after all.

Even so, this announcement is a bit like telling someone that you are interested in them. We’ve spent ages agonizing over the possibilities and now it’s the moment of truth. Will you like us back...


Automatic Layout Tool.


Automatic Layout Tool 


Card-inspired layouts are all the rage (and for a good reason) but it’s also a lot of work to design from scratch. Even in a code-free environment, it can take a while to define where everything goes as a page fills up with content and the screen size gets smaller (and smaller, and smaller…).


If you want to skip the hassle, then our new Automatic Layout Tool assists you with the heavy lifting. Once you’ve designed your website’s desktop version, hit the new “Automated Layouts” button. This tool will automatically reorganize elements into a predefined number of columns with a perfectly aligned layout.


 Drag Handle.


Drag Handle.


The Drag Handle is a product of our own designers’ need for a quicker design workflow. It will assist you in creating new sections by moving elements up or down in one shot without breaking your design and preserving alignment throughout the canvas.As your entire design reacts while creating or removing space, this tool allows you to easily make adjustments to the layout for each breakpoint.


Snap-To Smart Guides.


Snap-To Smart Guides.


These tools were a part of your design toolkit in the past, but they were completely reimagined for more intuitive use and with accuracy in mind. These tools work on multiple elements as you position and resize items across the canvas.


Flex Panel Arrangement.


Flex Panel Arrangement.


You can now customize the Studio interface to your liking. Dock the panels on the side, have them float around, or snap one panel to another until everything is where you want it to be. This was created so that you can change the interface to match your workflow. Naturally, your changes to these panels will be saved automatically.


Smart Grouping.


Smart Grouping.


Move groups of multiple, related elements across your canvas and down the responsive ladder to adapt to different device sizes, all at once.. All of the elements will rearrange themselves as they should, proportionally and with the correct alignment. This feature will also allow content managers to update their content, while maintaining a relative structure that reacts to changes in resizing.


Made for Speed.


Our challenge was allowing absolute pixel-perfect freedom for our users while maintaining the flexibility needed to design modern layouts for multiple devices. With this in mind, we refined the real-time performance of every feature along with the Studio.

Whether you’re adding elements, deleting them, moving them, scaling them, or editing the content, all changes will be rendered smoothly and without the need to make a single creative compromise. We want you to see, as fast as possible, how each change affects the overall design.


And we want you to like it!




Brought to you by Webydo.


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