Top Web Design Trends 2014.

By Nir Barlev


Apr 3, 2014


Web design is not just about making a quick site from a template, copy-and-pasting some content, and hoping that this masterpiece will hit the bullseye. Web design is an art. There are plenty of elements that build a nice website. Each year trends for web design change.

We used to witness sites with extremely long landing pages (in fact, those sites had no internal pages at all).


We used to see lots of sites with really heavy graphics and animation, Flash sites, and websites with excessive use of jQuery. So, what’s hot for sites in 2014? What are key web design trends for this year? Let’s take a look.



Interesting Typography.


Interesting Typography


Yes, using funny fonts will be a trend. I’d call them fonts with personality. Forget about boring Sans Serif. Individualized fonts will be trendy. Sometimes, it is all about picking the right font, even from Sans Serif. This year, a few sites have demonstrated it, and I predict this trend will evolve in future.



Hero Areas.


Let me first explain what a Hero Area is. This is a header area of the site, usually with an image and a little text that presents the whole idea of what the site is about. People tend to love this stuff. This trend seems to oust sliders that were immensely popular, especially with real estate sites.



Mobile-Focused Sites.


Mobile-Focused Sites


Whether you like it or not, people tend to use mobile devices more often than PCs and Macs. So, web designer first think about mobile user experience, and build sites accordingly. Fast-loading sites are as popular as ever! Guess why? It may take a long time for an ordinary mobile device to resolve a heavy site.



No Text, Just Videos.


No Text, Just Videos

People get lazy. They do not want to read, they want to watch. So, embedded videos will keep showing up on sites. YouTube is still a true leader, although some folks prefer Vimeo. Videos are instantly shared through social media, so these integrations will also stay trendy.



Long Scrolling Sites.


Long Scrolling Sites


Yes, this trend is back. Long pages are cool only when they have a nicely structured content. Yes, you can grab attention of your visitors, but only in case you write up something interesting. They should feel compelled to scroll down.



Simple Colors.


Simple Colors


A good designer is not the one who manages to use all rainbow colors, but the one who can pick the right colors. This trend will be particularly popular in 2014.



Simple Words.


Simple Words


Do you know why Twitter is so popular? It is because it doesn’t let people go blah-blah-blah. Since you have certain limitations, you try to express yourself in a few words. The same applies to site content. Less means more.


Paying attention to current web design trends will keep you on top of the cultural zeitgeist. Staying current with trends helps you easily dream up sites that clients love with a passion, and users gobble right up!

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