The Concept Behind Webydo.

By Nir Barlev


Aug 14, 2013


We needed to design Webydo’s online software in order to satisfy graphic designers’ need for a professional working environment for creating and managing advanced websites, without writing code.


The challenge was to make a sophisticated system based on a powerful code generator, extremely user friendly and efficient.


The Concept Behind Webydo



Our Concept - Focus on YOUR design.


Our Concept - Focus on YOUR design


We went with a simple and intuitive graphic interface, with clean design in black and white. Our goal was to make sure the software interface wouldn’t steal the designer’s focus from the site being created. It was important for us to put the designer’s needs front and center.

 Webydo Elements


We’ve created an interface with clear and simple icons for the various features, relying on the familiar visual universe of professional design software.


Design Mode


Designing is done on a canvas clean of interface elements to ensure complete focus on the designer’s work.


Gallery Element



Cloud Comfort.


We've tried to maximize designers' comfort. Webydo's system is accessible directly from the browser, no need to install or update anything. Designers can continue working on their projects from their computers at work or at home. All is saved and ready for you on the cloud.






A true WYSIWYG display enables you to see your design in action, and cuts the need to publish while designing, allowing the designer quick decision-making.





As appropriate for a professional design environment, keyboard shortcuts are available for quick and efficient work.



Pixel-by-Pixel Accuracy.


Pixel-by-Pixel Accuracy


Webydo allows for complete accuracy in your design, down to the last pixel.

This includes features such as a 960 Grid Generator, rulers and guidelines as well as parameter menu for each and every element



Total Creative Freedom.


Total Creative Freedom


Every feature was developed in order to provide the designer with total freedom to bring any vision to life, while minimizing technical hurdles. 





The system has friendly drag and drop controls used to upload all design elements, such as images, text, shapes, galleries, forms, widgets, and menus.

Programming is not required.



Build Your Web Design Business With Webydo.

 Build Your Web Design Business With Webydo


Webydo allows professional designers to bill their clients for each project or service directly from their Dashboard using the “Bill Your Client” feature. The “Build Your Brand” feature allows designers to rebrand the whole Webydo system, putting designers brand identity front and center.


An important CMS feature is “Share Your Site Design” which allows designers to easily present the website they created with their client which enables them to change, delete or update the content of their websites. Designers can even lock parts of their design, preventing unwanted changes and preserving full artistic control.



Radically Democratic Development Process.


Radically Democratic Development Process


Webydo is made by designers, for designers.


Designers are the ones leading the development of the system, voicing their needs and suggesting new features. The feature that gets the most votes by the designers community is sent to rapid production (recently, a community request for a Layers Window went live in two weeks).


We believe designers know what is needed best. Through this radically democratic process we want to create the ideal work environment for designers. We hope more talented designers like you will join us!


Go to and Participate!


A new world of professional code-free web design is finally here. 

Brought to you by Webydo.


Craft Your Design Without Code.


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