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Webydo and Ecwid Partner to Give Professional Designers a Sophisticated E-Commerce Solution.

With Increase in E-commerce Web Design, Webydo Rises to Meet Demand.


July 25, 2013


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New York, July 25, 2013 – Webydo, the professional code-free website creation platform for graphic designers, now integrates Ecwid, the only full-featured cloud-based store builder usable on any web, mobile, or social site. This partnership offers Webydo’s professional designers a sophisticated e-commerce solution that can be installed in minutes.


Webydo revolutionizes professional web creation, providing graphic designers with a full solution for both the creation and management of sophisticated HTML websites, without writing code. With more than 70 percent of today's websites created by developers, Webydo’s cloud platform empowers designers with full creative control and independence, helping to build over 66,000 business websites to date.


Through this partnership, Ecwid, used by more than 300,000 merchants in 175 countries and the most popular store builder on Facebook, will now be available for Webydo users, who can add an Ecwid-powered online store to their Webydo websites with a few clicks.


Webydo’s Designer Community Disrupts Responsive Web Design


“Ecwid and Webydo are transforming the way the web is created with powerful tools and stunning design options,” said Shmulik Grizim, Webydo’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Through this partnership, professional designers can now use the best e-commerce solution on the market within Webydo’s professional web creation platform, enjoying total creative freedom and independence in creating custom-designed business websites with sophisticated online stores.”


major contributors.Ecwid can be embedded into any Webydo site in minutes, is available in 45 languages, and integrates with all major payment gateways. Based on a recent Webydo survey, e-commerce focused industries are greatly contributing to the growth and development of new websites. The survey, which reviewed more than 30,000 new websites created on the Webydo platform, found that service industries like design and web services created more than 12 percent of new business websites, while product-driven industries like fashion and retail, at 11 percent, were also major contributors.




“Because Ecwid is a full-featured storefront solution, we’re a good match for Webydo’s professional web and graphic designers,” said Jim O'Hara, president of Ecwid, Inc. “Our simple, drop-in installation also integrates beautifully with Webydo’s platform. We look forward to providing Webydo’s global user base with a comprehensive e-commerce functionality.”


To create a stunning Webydo site that integrates a sophisticated Ecwid online store, go to



About Ecwid.


Ecwid is an affordable and full-featured cloud-based store-building widget, compatible with any

existing web, mobile, or social site and payment system. A free plan is available. The Ecwid Facebook app is the leading shopping cart application on Facebook by active users, with more than 40,000 Facebook stores globally. Ecwid has over 300,000 registered merchants in 175 countries, and is available in 45 languages.



About Webydo.


Webydo is a community­led cloud platform for professional web design with over 93,000 designers, design studios, and web design agencies worldwide. Webydo’s sophisticated cloud software allows creative designers to bring any web design to life without writing code. Using 

Webydo’s full B2B solution, designers enjoy total control over the whole process – designing, managing, and hosting advanced pixel­perfect websites for their clients, with parallax scrolling animation, e­commerce, a friendly built­in CMS, SEO management tools, and even a client billing system.


For more information visit, or contact us at


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