Typography-Led Web Design: Why We Created The 'Use Any Font' Feature. 

By Nurit Bahat


Sep 30, 2015



We rely on our designer community of over 200,000 designers to show us the way forward. Together, we strive to develop features that help designers to maximize their creative freedom. When it comes to web design, there are few features more important than the ability to use any typeface and font.


This in mind, we recently announced a new feature that allows designers to use Adobe Typekit fonts, Google Fonts or their self-crafted fonts in the Webydo Studio.


Typography is evolving fast and the era of being limited to a few boring fonts has been over for quite some time. Since designers are now free to experiment with an unlimited number or wild and bombastic fonts, the onus is on us - the design platform -  to provide designers with the right tools and circumstances to create.


“When designers have an unlimited amount of fonts at their disposal, they have more creative freedom, which consequently allows them to service clients who have their unique, individual design requirements. This is why we believe it is crucial to let designers roam on an empty canvas with their typography of choice,” said Nir Barlev, our Product Manager.



Mix & Match Your Fonts


In addition to giving designers plenty to choose from, using any type of font in web design highlights the connection between design and communication.

“It’s about the evolution of communication. Design itself is the evolution of utility, communication and aesthetics. Design platforms should embrace bespoke fonts as the harbinger of this evolution.” said Tomer Lerner, our Head of UX.



Design Agencies Should Care About Typography.


Robert Bringhurst once said that typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.

With unique typography, brands are in a position to create a language that helps consumers to identify the brand and its products. For example, design agencies can utilize custom fonts to create a design language for their clients because without the elements of customization, brands would not be able to stand out.


Design Agencies Should Care About Typography 

Design gives us the visual identity of a brand. The selection of typefaces and their arrangement is equally important as the use of color or graphics.

Indeed, typography should evoke a particular feeling. This is a challenge and an opportunity for designers to untap their creativity. Although authentic innovation is a rarity, good designers are able to create a unique design language for their clients, whether for a big corporation or a small  boutique store.



Functionality With Style.


Typefaces can be aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously oozing superior functionality. A great font is comparable to a piece of furniture. When shopping for a sofa, consumers typically look for two things: comfortability and visual presence. The definition of a great sofa is generally a combination of these two elements.


The same applies to fonts. While the font needs to fit the larger context of the website and correspond to the style guides set by the clients, it also needs to correspond to great UX.


“The first graphic interfaces were not elaborate, but analogic in style and nature. They were based on pixel, grid-like orientation. The emphasis was on the computer to understand the design, instead of humans,” Lerner said.

“Then came Steve Jobs who inserted the typeface from the print world (Times New Roman etc.) and implemented it to the computer. This meant that we suddenly were reading text content much like we would in print media. Computers relegated typeface to the level of neanderthals, until Steve Jobs came along and changed it all. In essence, this is what UX is about: using digital platforms to build a human-like interface,” he concluded.


The Different Elements Of Typography And The Webydo Studio.


Typography is an essential part of web design and we believe that designers crave for features that move away from standardized design solutions towards design individualism, liberating professional web designers from the shackles of the past.



 Find The Ideal Typeface


Choose the right typeface for your design

purpose and mood.





Pay Attention to Size


It’s the simplest way to create contrast
and hierarchy in your text.






 The Space Between Matters


Kerning is about controlling the space
between letters for better composition.





Read it Like a Book


Changing the leading of text can improve

its visual appeal and readability.





To learn more about our custom font feature, check out our brand new landing page that beautifully illustrates the utility, design and importance of custom typography.

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