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Who can use Webydo?

Webydo was created for professional graphic designers, web designers, web design studios and agencies, as well as traditional print designers.


How much does it cost to use Webydo?

Webydo and all of its features are completely open to use for the first 30 days (credit card or paypal required, cancel any time).

After 30 days you'll be charged for the next month's payment, and all of the sites you created will be waiting for you in the Dashboard.


See our Pricing Page for information on what plan best suits your needs.


How many sites can I build?

As many as you like… the more the merrier.


Do I need any prior knowledge to design or manage a website?

No technical knowledge is required. Webydo is made for designers that work with professional graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop. Website owners can manage their site content with no prior knowledge whatsoever. Updating Webydo site is as easy as editing a Word document.


How can I use Webydo?

To start using Webydo all you have to do is create a new account.

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Do you have a reseller package?

Yes, please Contact Us for more information.





Can a designer create a website from scratch? 

Yes, you can start designing your site with a blank canvas. There are no technical limitations; any web design can be brought to life with Webydo. Webydo's own site was created with the same tools you are using.


Can the system offer ready-made themes?

Yes. You can choose from a selection of fully adjustable inspiration sites or ready-made layouts if you want to save time.


Can I add an online store?

Yes. You can easily add an online store by dragging in the Ecwid E-Commerce widget, a dynamic and mobile-friendly solution that accepts a wide variety of payment types, with great stock control, media-rich categories and product descriptions. This popular E-Commerce solution provides you with total creative freedom in designing brilliant online stores for your clients.


Can I fully customize a Webydo website?

Yes. All design elements are fully adjustable.


Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. You can buy your own domain name directly from Webydo, transfer your domain name, or direct your previously-registered domain name to your Webydo website.


Can I use WordPress blog with Webydo?

Yes! You can absolutely use your blog created on WordPress with Webydo. You can do this easily by connecting the blog to a subdomain (ex:





Do you offer a CMS?

Yes. You and your client can enjoy our easy-to-use, built-in Content Management System to edit any element in your website, independently. You can provide your clients with a separate CMS login page and can even lock specific design elements, protecting your design from unwanted changes by your clients.


Can I make changes after my website is published? 

Yes. You can change and update any part of your website, any time you want, independently.

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Will my website show up in search engines results?

Yes. Webydo offers built-in SEO tools to improve the position of your website in all search engines, ensuring maximum exposure and traffic to your website. 


Can I manage multiple websites?

Yes. Use our Dashboard, a built-in control panel that provides you with an easy and efficient way to manage all your clients' websites.


Can I know how many people visit my site?

Yes. You can receive accurate real-time statistics regarding traffic to your website, page rank tracking, and more using our Site Analytics.


Can I assign permissions to edit my site content?

Yes. You can assign CMS permission on your Dashboard, determining who can change and update the content of your website.


Can I rebrand the Webydo system?

Yes. You can fully rebrand the Webydo system, adding your logo to your clients’ CMS and put your brand identity front and center.


Do I need to set up a hosting service?

No. You just press Publish and your website is live immediately.

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Where are the websites hosted?

Your websites are automatically hosted on our advanced cloud hosting platform with a world-wide network of servers. This infrastructure ensures that your website will enjoy high-performance delivery, security, reliability, and stability for both you and your clients.

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