6 Tips For Designing Strong Social Media Pages.

By Yam Regev


Apr 2, 2014


The age of information has led to a great need for businesses to keep up with social promotion for their companies. Whether it be on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any number of social networks, the main priority should be making sure your page stands out from among the rest. When designing your social media pages, here are a few good tips to keep in mind, to make your page one of the best:



1. Be Consistent With Your Branding.


Be Consistent With Your Branding


Many companies think that a social page means a whole new, utterly different design. False! Consumers will visit the page and look for familiar elements. It's a good idea to maintain the same design theme across all your social pages and your main website. This ties together your network, increases your brand's recognition, and strengthens your identity. Don't be afraid to make some changes, but maintain consistency throughout the designs. For example, ,reuse imagery off your main website in your cover photos, or use the same colors as your main theme or logo.



2. Show Off Your Products.


Show Off Your Products


Your social media page is your platform for broadcasting your newest products, services, and more. Utilize the large space the cover photo provides to display your newest or most popular product, or to promote a campaign.



3. Integrate Your Profile Picture.


Integrate Your Profile Picture


A clever way to add creativity to your page design is to incorporate your profile picture as an integral part of the page design or cover photo. This prevents any valuable content area from being hidden by the profile picture, and gives your page an exciting feel.



4. Check The Art Guidelines.


Each social network has different guidelines that change frequently, so it is always best to double-check the sizes of the images you will be using. Nothing ruins a page's design more than having blurry, improperly-fitting images, which leads to the next tip:



5. Optimize Your Images.

 Optimize Your Images


A difficult aspect of designing for social sites is image optimization. All too often, companies try to upload large images, which are automatically reformatted to smaller file size and dimensions. After you make sure your image fits the guidelines, check what file size limits are recommended. Try to keep your image below that limit, for best image quality. One trick is to use the Save For Web As option in Adobe Photoshop, which has many settings for optimizing images.



6. Less Is More: Images Are Better Than Text.


Less Is More: Images Are Better Than Text


Images are easier to share socially than text, and are proven to generate more shares than a standard text update. The human brain processes pictures thousands of times quicker than reading text, making it much easier to pass along an interesting image than a wall of words. With so many options and the speed of the Internet, it is crucial to quickly capture attention, and to ease the process of sharing and promoting for users.


These tips should help you create an interesting, creative social media page design that attracts clicks, likes, shares, and droves of engaged fans from all over!


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