April Design Dose: Hamburger Menu, Custom Domain, 404 Design and 301 Redirect.

By Shmulik Grizim, CEO


Apr 21, 2015




The New Hamburger Menu.

 New Hamburger Menu


Add a custom menu tailored for mobile devices. 


Customize your Hamburger Menu:


 Change the position, size, fill, stroke and shadow of the menu button.

  • Replace the “Hamburger” icon with any other icon you wish.

  • Apply different attributes to the menu items.

  • Set where the menu will appear when clicking the icon.


How to work it:


Drag and drop the menu element to your canvas, and choose the “Mobile Menu” mode.

Purchase Domain Names Straight From Webydo.


Purchase domain names straight from webydo


You can now choose your domain name and purchase it directly from your site settings in your Dashboard. The domain will be automatically connected to your website.


How to work it:


Go to your site settings in the Dashboard and click the “Domain & Email” tab to purchase your own domain.



Custom Design Your Own 404 Pages.


Custom Design Your Own 404 Pages.


Fully customize your own 404 Error page.

Tip: Craft an appealing message for your 404 page so visitors will understand what went wrong and what they can do next.

You can see ours here.


How to work it:


For new sites: When you create a new site, a 404 Error page will be part of your page list so you’ll be able to fully design it exactly like any other page. 

For existing sites: In your Studio’s Pages menu, create a new page and make sure  the URL property is set to yoursite[dot]com/404.html



Add A 301 Redirect.


Add A 301 Redirect.


Add 301 redirections to your site and migrate pages from old websites to your new Webydo site.


How to work it:


Go to your Dashboard, click on the Site Settings icon and choose the Redirections tab to insert your new URL.



Try It In Your Webydo Studio

Go Purchase Your Domain

Try It In Your Webydo Studio

Try It In Your Webydo Dashboard

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