Announcing The First Pixel Perfect Responsive Editor.

By Nir Barlev


Jan 13, 2015




 Pixel Perfect Responsive Editor


We are living in a multi-screen era and following your votes, our team worked day and night to develop a code-free responsive editor with the pixel-perfect accuracy you demanded.



This revolutionary editor lets you create advanced responsive sites with:



1. Pixel Perfect Precision


Scale and adapt your sites' design to fit all screens and devices, with full control over every element position down to the pixel.



2. Code-Free Breakpoints


Enjoy complete control over your site’s layouts, content, navigation, and functionality across all platforms using code-free breakpoints.



3. Total Design Flexibility


Decide which design elements to add, delete, or replace in each site version in order to optimize your clients’ sites for better mobile user experience.



4. Adaptive Text Styles


Modify your typography to best fit all screens and devices.



5. Automatic Image Optimization


Every image is optimized to best fit the screens of your site’s visitors.



6. Unified Management


Efficiently manage all your site’s versions in one place, preventing duplicated content that hurts SEO ranking.



To Work It

In your Webydo Studio’s top menu, click on the desired device icon (Mobile Portrait & Landscape, Tablet and Desktop) and start scaling and adapting your site’s design.


Check it out in this short tutorial.


Webydo is created by the designers using it and we are thrilled to know what you think of the FIRST Pixel-Perfect Responsive Editor.


Brought to you by Webydo.


Craft Your Design Without Code.


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